Friday, January 23, 2009


Watched Underworld: Rise of the Lycans last nite at Mid Valley.

Quite okay I can say.. even though popcorn x abis sbb tetiba raser x selera sgt and x sedap sgt. I liked TGV's popcorn even more I guess! Plus maybe perot aku yg x braper selesa..

Ending as usual x braper best utk disaksikan oleh bijik mata bcoz.. well of course there'll be another sequel as usual la.. pantang btoii citer bersambung2 nie..

I was actually aiming to watch Maut instead, but maybe next time since that pakcik insisted that we watch this movie. pa per jer la wak..dh la our ticket at 11.15pm.. mcm ari Sabtu jek ktorang wat haa.. padahal dua-dua kene keje ari nie.. kkakakakkakkakkaa~


Last week Sunday I've watched the so called "horror movie" They Wait.. I can say that they hv won the posters over the movie itself coz it's damn frustrating. If u were expecting the scream & shock effect in this movie, just FORGET abt it coz none of it's scene is scary enough to scares me off (aku manusia paling penakut dalam dunia ni pon x raser takot camne...?)

The story is all abt the hungry ghost month and revenge of the dead. And also abt Chinese's beliefs that during this month, the hell door are supposedly open and all the angry spirits will returns to seek revenge. So, those living are demanded to give offerings or sacrifices to their late ancestors dan yg sewaktu dgnnya.. and those sacrifices including the various colours of kuih apam & sunkist or mandarin oranges or pau kaya?.. that can be easily found anywhere near jerat china. It's a very normal scenery along the way to school back then! And I could remember those days many of the school pupils who go ponteng would hang around the jerat and ate those offering foods???? wat were they thinkin'??? yuckssss !!!!!

Another story I heard frm my lil' sister that was told by her chinese colleagues - never eat mandarin oranges that has lost it's juiciness bcoz "nenek sudah sedut dia air" !! OMGoshhhhhh !!!!!!!!! Hahhahahahhah damn funny..and scary though!

Last time my Personal Trainer told me stories of this hungry ghost month - "pintu neraka akan dibuka !!!" and I would immediately said "sadap leong kamu menensionkn aku aje nk blk nie!"..And unfortunately that night suddenly the train's light went off for few seconds somewhere in pandan jaya or pandan indah station.. that's when one of the passengers purposely made those hantu sounds like "heheheheheeeeeeee" .. and everybody in the train laughed so hard! nobody seems to thought of anything weird or something like that when that month is actually "THE HUNGRY GHOST MONTH !" I wonder what caused the light to went off that night..hermmmmmm... tenenenenenenene (twilight zone)..

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