Friday, October 31, 2008

UPDATE : I am going to PD & Malacca for the weekend !!~

Gia posing..

This is actually a boat to Monkey Island..

The multi-animal show

Cowboy show

dalam Safari truck

me & kak tie

my bro-in-law

the FANTASTIC birds show!

ni lah mascott yg wat Gia & Mimi meraung cam nampak antu!!~

Yeayy.. after so many things happened..i guess this is the best time to cabut lari dari hiruk pikuk kota.. (wahh..boleyy?)

Well actually am going wif my sis, my bro-in-law and the 2 kids jek..we're gonna be staying at MPK's resthouse in PD.. coz my BIL's working for the Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK).

My BIL wants to take the kids to the famous A' Famosa Resort . I haven't been there anyway..oopss been there once! but only to the Cowboy Town or sumthin'.. I am so thrilled to get wet at the Water am quite xcited bout' it.. then xXXx had promised to take us for dinner at Ikan Bakar Umbai.. (drooolingggg....)

Will post the pixs next week.. till then, wish me safe journey ya!

Take care...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Police Report

This is my police report..well actually this is the only copy given to me by the police officer.

The case are investigated under Section 457 : Lurking house-trespass or housebreaking by night in order to commit an offence punishable with imprisonment.

Atau bahasa melayu nya, Seksyen 457 Kanun Keseksaan : Melakukan pecah rumah pada waktu malam bagi maksud melakukan sesuatu kesalahan yang boleh diseksa dengan penjara atas kesalahan mencuri.

These was explained by a friend of mine, Insp. Derih (yang mana aku dh menggunakan kuasa and pengaruh yg ader pd dier utk memaksa abang2 puhlis Ampang tue wat house search kt umah Bangla sblh..aku akan blog pasal nih later k..panjang citer nyer)..

To Derih-I Owe U One!! Tima Kasih yg x terhingga & jasamu dikenang! Bler2 kita gi pekena teh k..(ni bukan rasuah taww!!! nie lepak2 kengkawan nama nyer..!!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

My house was robbed yesterday!

Yes, that’s right. My house was robbed yesterday.

Saturday, 18/10/2008. I was alone at home. My housemate Gia had left to Langkawi, while Rose was as usual at Mikael’s place. She’s scheduled to depart for Jakarta on Sunday. I was kinda havin’ my breakfast (or should I say brunch coz it’s like 1.30pm?) when Eena (my ex-schoolmate) called to inform that she’s hosting an open house and wanted me to come over. So took my shower and left house at abt 2.30pm.

Lepaking at Eena’s place until abt 9pm++.. coz actually I wanted to wait for my sis to be back. My sis and Eena are staying in the same block-my sis on the 4th floor while Eena on 3rd floor. Finally after so many rounds of nasi minyak, dalca, ayam masak merah, rendang kerang, rendang ayam, makaroni goreng, kuih raya, watermelon and papayas… I am so full and decided to leave. Eena sent me home at abt 10pm. She even tapau me all the the first thing that I did when I reached home is to hangatkn all the lauk pauk takot basi…then I even bantai another round while watchin’ tv! After shower, I dozz off to sleep.. that’s abt 1am++…

Sunday, 19/10/2008. I woke up at about 9am.. tu pon sbb si Mazli ngan Manja dok sms asking me whether I wanted to go to Aini’s house at Putrajaya.. but since I run out of prepaid to reply their sms and I thought maybe later I’ll go down to topup and reply. So golek punya down frm my bed, open my room door and shocked when I found out that a piece of my face towel (which I hang to dry at living room) were placed under my door (purposely sbb nk sumbat lubang bwh pintu aku la so that aku x dgr aper2 bunyi dr luar). At this point, I was extremely convinced and kept thinkin’ why in the world that Gia has put my towel there??? So I stepped out to my living room and saw my sliding door left ajar. That’s when I noticed that everything (I REPEAT..EVERYTHING!!!) on my TV rack has gone!!!! Terang and licin !!!

The stolen items are as follows:-

1 set of desktop computer (Gia punyer)

1 Hi-fi and 2 speakers with remote control (pandai btoii amik skali ngan remote)

1 Astro Decoder with remote control

1 DVD Player with remote control (kalo x amik remote camne nak guna yer?)

2 microphones (x dapat dh haku nak karok melepas prasaan kan?)

1 iron (iron bughok nie pon hadap sgt!!)

1 pair of Nike sport shoes (kasut gym haku!!!!!!)

sets of CD’s and DVD’s (hah tgk arr movies nie sampei lebam)

1 foot massager (mende bodoh nie pon ndak..bukan letrik pon!)

1 T-shirt (which I hang to dry at the living room)

1 backpack (beg Fitness First haku)

1 weighing scale (penimbang murah Watson’s pon bulor)

My television was not taken as it is heavy, so they left it at my balcony (nasib ko berat tibi..)

I was so so damn panicked, shaking, menggeletaring, menggigiling, terrified, and much much more mixed up feeling! Maser tu mmg rasa nak terkencing sama banyak jek ngan nak terberak..(trust me, u’ll knew it if u ever experience it!)

Quickly rush to my balcony and saw my poor TV lying down there! Damn it!!! X larat nak angkat arr tue..pehtu ko campak plakk tv aku kt sittew yer? Setan!!!!!!!! Pundek haram jadah mak bapak tak hajor punya penyamun.. Then I checked on my main door, tombol x berkunci..grille still elok berkunci with pad lock.. Sah! That means hantu tue wat keje through my balcony! Jadi, my MAIN SUSPECT is x lain x bukan tuan tuan, neighbour sebelah aku iaitu a group of Bangladeshi! The reason aku syak derang bcoz my balcony is ONLY accessible through their balcony sbb bersambung..

Still shaking, aku quickly basuh muka, ganti baju suar and turun bawah.. straight to 7-E topup handphone. The very 1st person that I called is my sis.. then my sis asked me to call police which I did.. I dialled 999 and reported the whole incident. Later, they sent a radio car to my house and 2 police officers took my statement. They were also shocked and confused on how did the setans robbers managed to got in through my balcony as I am staying in the 5th floor. There’s no way that the setans robber could have climbed up from ground floor (unless they have super skills like Spiderman?)

One of the officer said “X der plak org nya jatuh mati kt bwh tu yer..” and I quickly replied “Kalo ader, saya turun tambah lagi encik!”

After that, they asked me to stay at home and wait for the Pegawai Penyiasat to come. At abt 11am, two Pegawai Penyiasat from IPD Ampang Jaya came. One of them is Sarjan Mohamad b. Ramli. He again took my statement and sempat gak menasihatkan aku supaya jadikan aper yg dh jadi ni pengajaran..sbb nyer salah aku juga x tarik grille and padlock! (yer encik..maner arr saya nk sangka mende camnih nk jadi.. saya dok situ dh 6-7 tahun..x penah dgr kes camnihs..Kalo si Waty balik lagi la.. die mmg akan tido depan TV ngan sliding door terlapang sbb panas…).. So I kept repeating the same statement kt the sarjans yg aku syak bangla umh sblh nye keje but they kept stressing that tak ader bukti cik..kita tak boleh tuduh.. haihh.. and at that time those Bangladeshi plak takde kt umah and their house are locked. So, there’s nothing can be done by the sarjans lah!

My sis came with my bro-in-law and the kids..she asked me to sleep over at her house for the night as I am still alone..packed up all my clothes and etc., and chow.

My bro-in-law wanted to buy new TV & rack for them, so had to follow them for the TV & rack hunt spree..suddenly Rose called frm Jakarta asking abt what happened. Then she asked whether I put pad lock on the grille, and I said NO. Coz I haven’t buy any.. That’s when my sis insisted that we buy pad locks and switch on lights. So we went to Tesco to get some pad locks and rushed back to my house. After putting pad locks on every grille at my house and switched on lights, I was abt to leave. Then I saw that my neighbour’s room’s light were switched on, which means that they’re home. But since I am in a hurry coz it’s getting dark outside, I just leave.

Passed by my other neighbour’s house (which is next to the Bangla’s house), I was suddenly forced to stop and warned them. So I stopped and have a chat with them. They were so shocked to hear that, and then they even told me that they were locked inside their house the same night I was robbed! Someone took their pad lock’s key which they had left to hang together with the pad lock at the grille outside their house. So this someone’s intention is clearly – to use the key to gets inside their house the next time that they’re not around if my neighbour still using the same pad lock! My neighbour even told me that they are also suspicious of our new neighbour which refers to non other than the Bangladeshi!

So, I slept over at my sis’s place last night. Today, I had to go to the office frm Desa Pandan. Merasa la menapak ke bus stand feeder bus putra lrt. Tggu nyer tggu bas x kunjung tiba! Mmg the very not reliable mode of transportation! From 7.50am aku dok sittew, 8.20am blom nampak batang idong last sifat taxi-maniac aka tak-tau-sabo plus pemalas-naik-bas-sbb-x-sker-himpit2 in me has risen.. dek kerana sakit nya mata haku melihat sebijik2 teksi passed by haku dlm keadaan kosong tiada penumpang, maka aku dengan bangga and control cun nya bangun dr seat dan menahan sebuah teksi dgn penuh bergaya!

Huh! What a Monday morning….!

p/s:- Nanti2 aku post gambo umh aku yg dh cam penjara sbb berpad lock bagai..

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My niece's birthday - Fatin Syamimi 3 yrs old

Last Saturday, which is October 4, 2008.. my niece turned 3.. so my sis decided to celebrate it with my family, since everyone's around for Hari Raya.. just a small makan2 feast which basically to makes the gerombolan askar2 punjab (that's wat my mom used to called my nieces+nephews) happy..

It turns out to be okay..everyone's singing and we took photos.. but there's sumthin' that caught our attention more than the party itself.. hahah.. here it goes:-

Hahah..yups..that's Farah Najihah.. We noticed these pixss while browsing through all the photos taken and we laughed so hard we cried! ahahhahahhaa.. this is just so damn funny...

I bet she must have been bored and kept thinkin' why in the world I am not the one cuttin' and smashin' those cake for God sake???!!!!! Dah la mama made me wore this stupid mask and it blocked my eye sight (nampak x nampak jek cake princess tue..Pah plak x kasik kaco kakak nak potong cake..sighhhh...)


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