Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Annoying experiences in LRT

reading through Manja's posting in her blog abt sum ppl wif b.o. has inspired me to post about the worst things that u could expect when boarding a train or LRT-be it Putra or STAR!

ONE : yess as per manja's post-B.O or better known as body odour is malodorousness resulting from a failure to bathe! I don't know whether these people didn't take shower in the morning or it comes out naturally frm their body? Whenever I hv to stand or sit amongst all these people who raised up their arm to hold the handrail, I would suddenly becomes nausea and dizzy as I smells their armpit and felt like vomiting blood! For quite some time now I hv been travelling to work by LRT, I've managed to notice and classify certain ppl that I thought u shouldn't stand anywhere near them:-

(a) some parts of the world foreigners and sumtimes locals who hv B.O by nature that smells like dried fish curry! Wonder how many bottles of Dettol is enough to neutralises them?

(b) some ppl whose well known for their habit that doesn't like to hv shower in the morning by the reason of cold-where these ppl will eventually turns out to smells like fish in the evening! y in the world these ppl refused to shower in the morning when many of us nowadays hv water heater installed in the bathroom?

(c) some group of punk or skinhead or metals or whutever kids who didn't go home & didn't even change their clothes for so long. the moment they opened up their mouth, the whole train could smells the cheap liquor!

(d) some ppl who hv no idea wat does the word "deodorant" means or they just dun even care about having one. and to my surprise sumtimes there's guy whose neatly dressed but stinks so bad!

(e) there's time when I could smells unwashed hair from gurls! by this i mean - unwashed for quite some time or maybe they sweats a lot and this too could make your hair stinks! U fellas should know when to start grabbing those shampoo bottle and wash ur hair even if it's not everyday? It's just the people themselves that arent keeping up with their hygiene. I mean, isn't it kinda gross when your hair is dirty and smells?! I think everyone's hair should smells nice, guy or girl. And yeah, why IS dirty even an option? Who would want to smell the foul odor of someone's dirty, oily, unwashed hair? And dun be surprise I could even sumtimes smells this frm a lot of gurls with tudung!!! sighhhh

TWO : school pupils that normally boarded the train at Plaza Rakyat station in a group of 5-6 and started talking & shouting loudly in Chinese even though their friend was actually standing right in front of her/his nose! the worst part is they came in not only one group but sumtimes 3-4 different groups frm different schools and i bet u could've imagine the level of noises they could make if all of them started talking amongst each other? It'll go like "cocecoce caceseni haiyoo hailooo wopucetau nihaoma cekodokcoulduplssadaple whosurmotherle ibeturmotheralso speaksveryloud likeulooooooo".. i mean, y these kids never even thought of everyone else around them in the train who's all tired, fatigue & exhausted after a long day at work? And for God sake don't u kids knew that we are so fed up, annoyed, irritated & sick of u ppl?

There's one group of gurls that I've noticed for so long and I could even recognized their faces very well! One of them always wear baju kurung uniform and she's the fattest & loudest amongst them all. Another girl is so small and the shortest but demmit she has shrill (nyaring) voice that could make ur ears bleed! These gurls would speaks and shouts so loud everyday either in english or chinese. Yesterday they're badmouthing abt a boy and the dialogue goes like this "u know arr he sms me and then said ah yin do u want to be my girlfriend? suckss lorrr" and the rest of the gang goes "aiyaaaaaa" and they laughed so hard! goshhh who would wanna know that le?

and it's funny to see two school boys (which is also chinese) sitting next to each other not far frm the gurlss talked in an extremely soft volume and almost whispering to one another! THE BOYS SURE KNOWS HOW TO RESPECT OTHERS.

THREE : Sexual Harassment! yess i repeat it's Sexual Harassment ppl..even though i'm pretty, gorgeous, sexy and hot like J Lo but it doesn't mean i'm free for anybody to grab, rub and touch. I admit that I've the sexiest butt in the whole wide world (kan mazli?) but how could those bastards pervert purposely rub his cock against me???? y..y..y...this happened to me?? This situation would normally happens when the LRT was packed with passengers that cramped and squeezed themselves among each other and basically everybody is touching everybody! I wouldn't mind if it wasn't on purpose becoz I do sumtimes accidentally touched others. I tried to convince myself that whutever I felt touching my butt frm behind is bag or umbrella or even file or books! But the "thing" started to becomes harder and harder and getting firmer than before!!! and i was like "WTF!" Even worst when sumtimes i felt a hand grabbing my butt frm behind but I can't move or turn due to the congestion or else I would've punched the idiot so hard!! I walked out of the train pissed off and damn angry knowing there's nothing I can do abt it! I hate LRT!

FOUR : I dunno whether u guys/gurls ever experienced this or not, but I did almost everyday. The moment the train stopped and some 4-5 ppl disembarked, and since I am standing in the front line so I assume that I could go in but I can't! Y? Bcoz those idiots standing in front of the door refused to go a little further inside to leave me some space to stand. I knew wat they were thinkin' actually - they dun wanna go in so that it's easier for them to get the hell outta train later! But, are you kidding me? Bcoz of you idiot ppl, at least 4-5 ppl standing here at the station has not gotten the chance to board the train! Malaysians are so selfish that they dun even care abt others. Yes, we are!

Oh hey..there's more! Imagine this-you are standing so close till u are almost leaning to the door in the train, and then "ting ting ting..station berikutnya masjid station masjid jamek". The train is still moving..and u were trying to balance out yourself so that u won't fall..when suddenly u heard voices frm behind "excuse me..excuse me..". And wat were u thinkin'? Those idiots asking me to excuse them? Where to? The train is still moving for God sake! And the door hasn't been opened yet, so where should I go to excuse u? WHERE?????
And I am also gettin' down on the next station so will ya pls hv a lil' patient and shut up and just stand there quietly untill the train is stopped and the door opened? Can you at least do that for me will ya? Before i turn around to strangle and squeeze your throat like nobody's business?

So that's all for now.. I'll post more abt this if I ever encounter any new untolerate experience later..

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