Friday, January 23, 2009

Nasib Seorang Janda

Kita Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!


Watched Underworld: Rise of the Lycans last nite at Mid Valley.

Quite okay I can say.. even though popcorn x abis sbb tetiba raser x selera sgt and x sedap sgt. I liked TGV's popcorn even more I guess! Plus maybe perot aku yg x braper selesa..

Ending as usual x braper best utk disaksikan oleh bijik mata bcoz.. well of course there'll be another sequel as usual la.. pantang btoii citer bersambung2 nie..

I was actually aiming to watch Maut instead, but maybe next time since that pakcik insisted that we watch this movie. pa per jer la wak..dh la our ticket at 11.15pm.. mcm ari Sabtu jek ktorang wat haa.. padahal dua-dua kene keje ari nie.. kkakakakkakkakkaa~


Last week Sunday I've watched the so called "horror movie" They Wait.. I can say that they hv won the posters over the movie itself coz it's damn frustrating. If u were expecting the scream & shock effect in this movie, just FORGET abt it coz none of it's scene is scary enough to scares me off (aku manusia paling penakut dalam dunia ni pon x raser takot camne...?)

The story is all abt the hungry ghost month and revenge of the dead. And also abt Chinese's beliefs that during this month, the hell door are supposedly open and all the angry spirits will returns to seek revenge. So, those living are demanded to give offerings or sacrifices to their late ancestors dan yg sewaktu dgnnya.. and those sacrifices including the various colours of kuih apam & sunkist or mandarin oranges or pau kaya?.. that can be easily found anywhere near jerat china. It's a very normal scenery along the way to school back then! And I could remember those days many of the school pupils who go ponteng would hang around the jerat and ate those offering foods???? wat were they thinkin'??? yuckssss !!!!!

Another story I heard frm my lil' sister that was told by her chinese colleagues - never eat mandarin oranges that has lost it's juiciness bcoz "nenek sudah sedut dia air" !! OMGoshhhhhh !!!!!!!!! Hahhahahahhah damn funny..and scary though!

Last time my Personal Trainer told me stories of this hungry ghost month - "pintu neraka akan dibuka !!!" and I would immediately said "sadap leong kamu menensionkn aku aje nk blk nie!"..And unfortunately that night suddenly the train's light went off for few seconds somewhere in pandan jaya or pandan indah station.. that's when one of the passengers purposely made those hantu sounds like "heheheheheeeeeeee" .. and everybody in the train laughed so hard! nobody seems to thought of anything weird or something like that when that month is actually "THE HUNGRY GHOST MONTH !" I wonder what caused the light to went off that night..hermmmmmm... tenenenenenenene (twilight zone)..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aku Period

Sakit nyerr perott tuhan jek yg tau.. Tapi malam nie nak dating.. Camne?
Hahhahahha dating nyer pasal sakit pon ku redah jua.. huahauhauhua

aku panas nie gaji x dpt lagik..tgk nie pon opismate aku mai menganyam ketupat kt meja haku..
raser nk berpiket la.. aku dh la nk gi JB nie boss.. ko nihs..
yg ko sibuk kn nk chase payment dr company yg dh nk bangkrap lagi 2 ari..
dh la bonus x dgr kabar langsong! ciss I hate u En. M** !!

aku byk utang nie nk kene settle.. GAWATTTTT !!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend yg sgt CAPEK !!!

Weekend yg sgt mencapek kn yg telah menyebabkn ari nie aku lembik mcm sayur!
Masuk opis ngan mata ber'eye bag' lebam.. menguap setiap 3 minit..and almost nk tendang meja kerusi biler org panggil aku..takde mood..dh arr mmg dkt nk period...


Kekekekke.. everytime Wati balik, ini lah jd nyer kt haku..hadehhh nasib kawan aku.. kalo org lain tak kojer aku nk melayan nyerrr...

penat berjalan satu hal..penat tido lambat tue yg paling x tahan.. 2 malam berturut2 tido kul 4am mmg x bleh blah siottt...

Aku mengantuk!!! Nak balik... malam nie jgn la ader jantans yg mengganggu tido aku!! Akan haku off kan HP ku malam ini!!! I need a good rest plsssss....


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jawapan utk Manja nyer Tagged

Aku BaCa Tag KaK yaH Tapi mASa Tu maNa AdA laGi NaMA aKU....
ecehh manja awai2 maser aku posting aku dh letak nama ko daaaaa...thehhehe takper dimaafkn sbb terover-looked..

1. kenal masa form 3 gaks... dia kelas amanah cam aja.... tapi tak rapat sangat cos budak amanah mana bek ngan budak bestari uhuks....
huwahuwahuwaa..yer betoi..

2. memang best giler masa form 4 kekwat sangat dengan kak yah ni... wei kalau kite jupe satu midvalley dengar kiter gelaks....
form 4 & 5 mmg best glerr kan? kalo la bleh balik ke skolahh.. tsskk tskk tsskk

3. suker sangat menyembang especially ngan aja, aku ngan elly wah3x... meh tambah lagi mori, feena and eena...
kita kn ratu segala kebisingan manja.. org yg senyap pon kalo kene rekrut ngan geng kter gerenti riuh.. kekkekeke..

4. satu group ngan aku tuk add math nyer keje pagi2...... khoo choong quan nyer keje
yer sungguh mulia ati khoo choong quan ittew kn manja? ko ingat x betapa susah payah nyer dier mencarik satu skolah maser nazmi ilang balik umah sbb c***t tue?

5. paling tinggi dalam kelas aku masa tu... tuk gurlz la aku rasa... hehehhehe
yer..pehtu tiap kali bergambo aku asyik kene diri kt blakang kan?

6. memang kreatif sama ngan aja... suka buat benda-benda yang peliks.... aku ingat lagi kad masa form 4 ko ngan aja wat nak kasi kat saper ntah....
ye ke? thehhehe fahmi kottt...aku ngan aja kn skerr wt mender cenggitew so kalo x fahmi no-one kott..

7. aku sure sangat dia orang ni kesayangan kalthum... hehehhe.. peh mak ai...
aku lama x jumpa kalthum.. dedoloo aku penah ngajor tuisyen anak2 die qayyum & azraie..

8. sekarang ni makin cun and seksi wei....
ahaks!! mak x koser taww nyahh !!!

9. mak dia kenal bapak aku... hehehehhe citer lama kak yah....
alamakss ye ke? aisehh men aper cer tue? sumpah aku x tawww!!!!

10. kenangan ngan kak yah paling aku ingat gi USM tronoh ada org ngorat kak yah kan????
ye ke manja? saperrr?

ye r kak yah aku balas dah tag ko....
trimass muahhss mmuahhss!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Annoying experiences in LRT

reading through Manja's posting in her blog abt sum ppl wif b.o. has inspired me to post about the worst things that u could expect when boarding a train or LRT-be it Putra or STAR!

ONE : yess as per manja's post-B.O or better known as body odour is malodorousness resulting from a failure to bathe! I don't know whether these people didn't take shower in the morning or it comes out naturally frm their body? Whenever I hv to stand or sit amongst all these people who raised up their arm to hold the handrail, I would suddenly becomes nausea and dizzy as I smells their armpit and felt like vomiting blood! For quite some time now I hv been travelling to work by LRT, I've managed to notice and classify certain ppl that I thought u shouldn't stand anywhere near them:-

(a) some parts of the world foreigners and sumtimes locals who hv B.O by nature that smells like dried fish curry! Wonder how many bottles of Dettol is enough to neutralises them?

(b) some ppl whose well known for their habit that doesn't like to hv shower in the morning by the reason of cold-where these ppl will eventually turns out to smells like fish in the evening! y in the world these ppl refused to shower in the morning when many of us nowadays hv water heater installed in the bathroom?

(c) some group of punk or skinhead or metals or whutever kids who didn't go home & didn't even change their clothes for so long. the moment they opened up their mouth, the whole train could smells the cheap liquor!

(d) some ppl who hv no idea wat does the word "deodorant" means or they just dun even care about having one. and to my surprise sumtimes there's guy whose neatly dressed but stinks so bad!

(e) there's time when I could smells unwashed hair from gurls! by this i mean - unwashed for quite some time or maybe they sweats a lot and this too could make your hair stinks! U fellas should know when to start grabbing those shampoo bottle and wash ur hair even if it's not everyday? It's just the people themselves that arent keeping up with their hygiene. I mean, isn't it kinda gross when your hair is dirty and smells?! I think everyone's hair should smells nice, guy or girl. And yeah, why IS dirty even an option? Who would want to smell the foul odor of someone's dirty, oily, unwashed hair? And dun be surprise I could even sumtimes smells this frm a lot of gurls with tudung!!! sighhhh

TWO : school pupils that normally boarded the train at Plaza Rakyat station in a group of 5-6 and started talking & shouting loudly in Chinese even though their friend was actually standing right in front of her/his nose! the worst part is they came in not only one group but sumtimes 3-4 different groups frm different schools and i bet u could've imagine the level of noises they could make if all of them started talking amongst each other? It'll go like "cocecoce caceseni haiyoo hailooo wopucetau nihaoma cekodokcoulduplssadaple whosurmotherle ibeturmotheralso speaksveryloud likeulooooooo".. i mean, y these kids never even thought of everyone else around them in the train who's all tired, fatigue & exhausted after a long day at work? And for God sake don't u kids knew that we are so fed up, annoyed, irritated & sick of u ppl?

There's one group of gurls that I've noticed for so long and I could even recognized their faces very well! One of them always wear baju kurung uniform and she's the fattest & loudest amongst them all. Another girl is so small and the shortest but demmit she has shrill (nyaring) voice that could make ur ears bleed! These gurls would speaks and shouts so loud everyday either in english or chinese. Yesterday they're badmouthing abt a boy and the dialogue goes like this "u know arr he sms me and then said ah yin do u want to be my girlfriend? suckss lorrr" and the rest of the gang goes "aiyaaaaaa" and they laughed so hard! goshhh who would wanna know that le?

and it's funny to see two school boys (which is also chinese) sitting next to each other not far frm the gurlss talked in an extremely soft volume and almost whispering to one another! THE BOYS SURE KNOWS HOW TO RESPECT OTHERS.

THREE : Sexual Harassment! yess i repeat it's Sexual Harassment ppl..even though i'm pretty, gorgeous, sexy and hot like J Lo but it doesn't mean i'm free for anybody to grab, rub and touch. I admit that I've the sexiest butt in the whole wide world (kan mazli?) but how could those bastards pervert purposely rub his cock against me???? y..y..y...this happened to me?? This situation would normally happens when the LRT was packed with passengers that cramped and squeezed themselves among each other and basically everybody is touching everybody! I wouldn't mind if it wasn't on purpose becoz I do sumtimes accidentally touched others. I tried to convince myself that whutever I felt touching my butt frm behind is bag or umbrella or even file or books! But the "thing" started to becomes harder and harder and getting firmer than before!!! and i was like "WTF!" Even worst when sumtimes i felt a hand grabbing my butt frm behind but I can't move or turn due to the congestion or else I would've punched the idiot so hard!! I walked out of the train pissed off and damn angry knowing there's nothing I can do abt it! I hate LRT!

FOUR : I dunno whether u guys/gurls ever experienced this or not, but I did almost everyday. The moment the train stopped and some 4-5 ppl disembarked, and since I am standing in the front line so I assume that I could go in but I can't! Y? Bcoz those idiots standing in front of the door refused to go a little further inside to leave me some space to stand. I knew wat they were thinkin' actually - they dun wanna go in so that it's easier for them to get the hell outta train later! But, are you kidding me? Bcoz of you idiot ppl, at least 4-5 ppl standing here at the station has not gotten the chance to board the train! Malaysians are so selfish that they dun even care abt others. Yes, we are!

Oh hey..there's more! Imagine this-you are standing so close till u are almost leaning to the door in the train, and then "ting ting ting..station berikutnya masjid station masjid jamek". The train is still moving..and u were trying to balance out yourself so that u won't fall..when suddenly u heard voices frm behind "excuse me..excuse me..". And wat were u thinkin'? Those idiots asking me to excuse them? Where to? The train is still moving for God sake! And the door hasn't been opened yet, so where should I go to excuse u? WHERE?????
And I am also gettin' down on the next station so will ya pls hv a lil' patient and shut up and just stand there quietly untill the train is stopped and the door opened? Can you at least do that for me will ya? Before i turn around to strangle and squeeze your throat like nobody's business?

So that's all for now.. I'll post more abt this if I ever encounter any new untolerate experience later..

Jawapan utk Jaja nyer tagged

1) Sahabat rapat aku. Sekolah rendah sama2. Masa sekolah rendah dia Pengawas, sekolah menengah pun dia pengawas tapi lebih kepada mawas. Perghh!! baru aku sedar kawan aku ni giler koser :p Masa UPSR dia dpt 4A, aku dpt 3A, chiss!
hehehe..ini mmg x syakk lagik.. aku darjah 3 dah dapat jadi pengawas. Sebabnye? Pn Sharipah dh x leh tahan ngan molot aku yg terlampau bising. Memula die bagi aku jd Ketua Kelas dgn harapan aku leh senyap sket. Tp aperkn daya aku mmg gler koser & aku dh menyalahguna kn koser, aku amik ruler panjang cikgu kaler kuning tue pehtu aku katuk kuat2 ateh meja..tak cukup tue aku tulih namer org bising kt papan itam tp sore aku lagi kuat dr org lain..akhirnya die bg aku jd pengawas but mmg ternyata sia2 belaka segala usaha Pn Sharipah ittew sbb ader seperkara yg die x tau iaitu aku mmg dilahirkan ngan built-in speaker kt anak tekak!

2) Start rapat dengan dia dari Form 3 tak salah aku. Sebab nye duduk sebelah dia. Lepas tu dua dua kena sumpah ada pelesit dalam mulut.Dari Form 3 sampai Form 5 aku dok sebelah dia. Aku susah nak berhenti bercakap apetah lagi dia kan. Asal bapak aku dtg amek report kad jer mesti cikgu komplen aku banyak cakap dengan dia..
muahahhahaha..yer jgn x tau kami siap ader sapu tangan sorang satu kunun2 kewl la kan? kater gangster paradise aku xkan leh loopa kes kamu blender air jambu batu berperisa cabai pehtu siap suh aku raser!

3) Ade penyakit migrain
yer..masih ader..xleh wtper penyakit inherited dr arwah ayah aku..

4) Sangat suke beli barang online cadar, ubat ubatan dan juga kek fondant masa tunang aku dia jugak sponsor juga thru online. Trimas!
huawhuwahuwah.. kamu pon terpedaya jugak kan shopping nih mmg penyakit berjangkit & addicted!

5) Punyai tulisan tangan yang sangat kemas dan cantik. Pembersih orangnye..
hehehhe mekasih mekasih..pantang aku tue renjih2 ingat!

6) Tidak suka membazir dakwat pen dan buku sekolah. Oleh itu beliau jarang2 sekali buat homework kalo cikgu bagi, habis kuat pun manual potostat Ramanan punya Add Math
huahuahua kalo ramanan baca harus die bangga..aku still tak paham ngaper aku maleh bebenor nk wat karangan dedoloo..kamu pon sama ja.. tp kamu ghajin skett dr aku jek..

7) Sole distributor 'Nasik Lemak' opah sebelah rumah dia..Perghh gian siot!
yeahh opah rawkks!!

8) Pegi sekolah naik 'Bas Makcik'
yerr walaopon aku penah naik bas & van pak din maser skolah rendah..

9) Dictionary bergerak aku. Sangat pandai berbahasa Inggeris
errr.. ye ke? kekkekekkeke

10)Paling tak bleh lupa, pertandingan nyanyi boleh plak dia selamber nyanyi part aku. Ternganga aku di buat nya atas pentas tu..Hahaha..Tapi kata pro..Harus orang tak perasaan kan!!
ittew namer nyer over confident..maklum arr sesekali naik pentas..(aku kn giler koser!)

Ade banyak lagi...tapi kang pasal dia jer tak muat 1 webpage nak display kan..:p

Kebetulan pulak aku "ronda2" tengok baekkk punye cik Sal jawap tag Mazli mcm jawap soalan Biologi kertas 2..
bio ek? ko ingat dak kaliammal? thehehhehhhe~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jawapan utk Mazli nyer tagged

1. Aku dulu tau dia ni eksen ngan aku... Sib baik lama-lama dia tak eksen, maka ok la adanya...
woii x aci maner der aku eksen ngan ko weiii..aku seorang pengawas yg berhemah lagi bertanggungjawab jek..

2. Aku kenal dia pun sebab kakak-kakak dia sekelas ngan abang-abang aku...
yer ini betoii..clap..clap..

3. Dia ni lagila tak pernah nak belanja aku kat mana-mana kedai makanan segera. Dia yang suruh aku belanja lagila selalu... Harap maaf. Pasni ko kena belanja aku, aku tak kira.
cihh naper ko papar kan kt sini jahat taww!! jom malam kang arr..iskk iskk..
bukan aku x nk kamu tue dok ujung dunia jauh ngan aku..sama arr kamu ngan si jaja tu pong.. komer2 komuniti belah saner aku sorang tercampak kat sini..uwaaaaaaa~

4. Dulu dia kelas pandai, aku kelas bawah je. Mana la di pandang tinggi... Betul ke? Ke aku yang rasa masa sekolah dulu?
ko yg wat citer bukan aku cakap arr..gatai plak nak emosi..aku ni nama jek kelas sains tapi hantu nyer toksah dikenang!

5. Dia ni kalau di ajak buat gathering, dia ok je la setakat ni. Komitmen macam ko yang kami perlukan untuk menaikkan ranking perjumpaan. Aku nak ko invite org lain apa yang aku nak buat.
baekk tuan..

6. Aku ingat ko masih duduk kat Taman Indah... Ntah betul ke ntah tidak...
nie yg gua panas siott.. yg dok taman indah kekasih gelap ko nyah azmori ahmad yokbin!

7. Ko solo lagi, bila nak kawin ni? Boleh aku bagi adiah murah2... :P
ko tulun arr carikan aku sorang..haahhaha.. ala assume je la jodoh aku x sampai seru lagik.. tp nanti aku kawen ko kener nyanyi lagu seround sambil derih main gitar!

8. Dia kawan baik Aiza... Ni kalau Aiza baca, aku tambah nak tagged dia jugak... Buat Aiza jangan tak buat...
wat ja jgn x wat..

9. Suka follow aku menyakat... Kalau dia ni bab menambah, cukup power....
ahahahhahha by nature la..can't help it!

10. Lambat update blog... Bengang je haku ko buat tagged aku...
ilek bro.. yer arr ye arr.. aku hapdet la nanti..(sambil makan sandwich tuna sedap nyerr!)

Tag Lagikkkk

Maka oleh kerana aku dh kener tag ngan Mazli, aku ngan bangga nya nak tag oghang plak. Wahwahwahwahwahwahaaa..

1. My BFF : Mrs Shukor wannabe gittew @ Jaja
2. Madam Amylia Fadzlina
3. Iszuanie @ Manja
4. aмiє's³° sнiиoda @ jebek

5. Mazli ensem (kater nyerr)

Bak kata Mazli, tataw la derang baca ker tak blog akuh tapi sorang dua nie aku kompom nak tggu reply k!

Selamat Menge'tag' !

Thursday, January 8, 2009

KeneR tAg ngAn mAzLi

Sumpah aku x penah wat mender nie.. tp cam beshh la plakk.. heheh

10 perkara mengenai si Mazli ensem (katernyer..)

1. Yang aku tau full name die Mazlinizam bin Marzuki.

2. Besday die 5 February 1982.

3. Umah die kat Taman Jaya Delima (errr..Mazli ko dok situ lagi kan?)

4. Abang2 die pon rakan sebaya se-SMKUK ngan akak-akak haku..sampei le ke haku pong akak2 aku mmg sekelas ngan abg2 die tp aku idak..mcm coincidence kan? Cuba tgk..

Aku ader 4 beradik, suma pompuan (Gurlszz rulezz!!!).. Mazli plak 4 bradik suma lelaki (Brotherhood rulezz..).. Nama siblings die start wif "M", aku nyer start wif "N".. (and wat a coincidence it is in alphabetical order ---> M, N !!!!)

Mazrulnizat, Maznizan, Mazlinizam, Maznifirdaus
Nurmanja, Nurmawati, Nursariah, Nurliana
(rhyme kan? ahahhahahhahah~)

5. Aku x nah sekelas ngan si Mazli nie tapi kami sama2 se-pengawas.. errr.. se aper lagik ek?
Doloo2 Mazli nie pendiam skett x byk ckp sgt.. die ckp bler time nk protes jek..

6. Die udah bertunang (aku memang takde can!)

7. Die nie byk sgt idea..ghajin organize gathering2 utk ex-skool mates..merapat2kn silratulrahim sesama kengkawan which is very gewd and sangat patut diberi pujian! bravo caiyokk caiyokk!!

8. errrr...Die rendah dari haku..hikhik..

9. Die pakei kete Kenari warna itam maka oleh sbb ittew lah die sangat aktif ngan Kenarianz club die tue..

10. Die tagged aku jadi aku kener arr jawab balik.. hahahhahahaha!

Tagged Dari Mazli plakss..

1. Nama aku Nursariah bt Abdul Rahman. Kengkawan skolah panggei aku Sariah..Yah pon bleh.. Bler dh tua nie member2 aku panggei Sal.. kalo kt umah adik aku panggei Kak Yang/Yang, mak & family panggei Sa.

2. D.O.B aku 6 November 1982 and aku dilahirkan kat Medan Mara, Ulu Kinta, Perak Darul Ridzuan. But now family kami dah reside kat Taman Desa Jaya, Tg. Rambutan.

3. Aku ader 4 beradik suma pompuan. Aku yang ke-3.

4. Aku nih mmg peramah..even though doloo2 maser skolah aku nyer kategori jatuh ke kategori "talkative/suker wat bising" sampei cikgu cikgi pon give-up ngan aku.. now dah tua2 nie dh takde lagik la tue sumer.. aku nih friendly, senang nk bkwn ngan org kalo kene gaya nyer arr..

5. Aku paling pantang datuk nenek skali kalo org interrupt aku time aku ngah khusyuk membaca (except boss aku arr..wat do u expect? dh tentu die boss aku daaa..) and tgk tv..

6. Aku slalu jek nangis bler tgk citer2 sedey kt tv..(weii housemate aku pon sama arr..!!)

7. Aku slalu kene babysit anak2 sedara aku dari derang kecik sampei beso..bukan arr aku dok umah akak2 aku jd maid..but babysit bler time derang ader aku dgn bangga nyer mengaku yg aku agak expert menjaga budak! (amy, jaja komer jgn pasang angan2 nk suh aku babysit anak kome plak nanti ek!)..

8. Aku mmg hantu kek.. bak mai la aper jenis kek skali pon aku leh telan walao ponn org lain kater x sedap tapi bagi aku sumer jenis kek adalah sedap kecuali BAHULU. Aku plakk x leh telan telor separuh masak apertah lagi yg masih cair2 berlendir dan paling tidak mungkin ku telan adalah telor mentah (i wonder how siti nurhaliza taruddin managed to do it?)

9. Opis aku situated kat Jalan Yap Ah Shak yg sangat lah pemes nyer bagi muda mudi zaman ini sbg the most happening nightlife scene in town..and bler time balik keje kedengaran lah lagu berdentum dentam and lampu berkelip kelap sbb area nie dipenuhi ngan clubs & discos yg tumbuh cam rumput rumpai lepas ujan..akan tetapi aku blom pernah walao skali pon menjejakkan kaki aku ke maner2 satu pintu and mmg tak hingin pon..those days maser aku start keje kt sini back in 2004-this place hanya lah area yg sunyi dgn deretan bangunan2 lama yg very the heritage dimana masih ader apek pakei suar katuk kaler biru tua ngan singlet (uniform yg sama setiap ari) goreng koeyteow kt kedai makan cina..

10. Aku nih walao pon nampak miang tapi at least ati aku baik suci murni macam minyak masak seri murni and aku mmg anti ngan org2 yg bertopengkan muka innocent baik glerr tapi subhanallah ati busokk glerr macam bau longkang blakang kilang getah sekerap!

Incik Mazli, sayer sudah pon siapkan assignment yg diberi dgn susah payah skalik.

Sekian, Terima Kasih.


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