Friday, August 29, 2008

Tribute To Independence Day : DSAI sworn as MP

Credit to the author Mr. Anuar Dan and this is taken from this site

Seeing DSAI sworn in at the parliament yesterday, has made me completely overwhelmed with grief..grief for our country..our nation..our Malaysia.. The last time i've felt this way is when Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad cried and announcing that he's stepping down..

Knowing that DSAI won in the Permatang Pauh by-election has made me incapable of speaking for a period of time.. as if i've been in a state of "struck dumb" for a while..

Reading Tun's blog has made me realised that..ppl are not actually voting for DSAI because they supports him. But it's because they don't want DSAAB to giving the majority winning to BN candidate, it means to show supports to DSAAB too.. I know that reading this entry will upsets most of u guys out there who's the real supporter of DSAI.. but I do believe that this is a free country therefore I should be freely allowed to choose my own beliefs..

I didn't say that I'm BN's supporter or PKR supporter..or any other parties.. I'm neutral.. but as far as i can see of what's happening around this country.. especially when we're about to celebrate our nation's 51st Independence.. The more i want to believe that we are an independent country, the more i am convinced that we are actually so far behind in terms of morality & mentality and many more.. Our mentality hasn't changed from the day before merdeka (though i wasn't even born yet) --> My chinese boss who's born in 1949 at Penang would always said that to me.. he also said "I was borned in 1949..i am the 3rd generation u know.. even though my moyang datok is all frm China but I never said that I'm Chinese..i'm from China.. No! I am Malaysian.. no matter what race you are..whether ur a Malay, Indian or Chinese, we are all Malaysian.. never brought up issues of racism and all these u know.."

Well clearly what he meant is, as one nation, we should all bersatu coz we are Malaysian.. not bcoz i'm Malay..ur Chinese or he's Indian.. nop! But this is not what's happening in our country right here right now.. Melayu dgn Melayu bertelagah..apetah lagi dgn bangsa lain.. There's just too many political parties around that separates us among each other..that has made us fights against each other.. I wonder when this is gonna be over??

I just don't know why..but I strongly believed that DSAI's intention of coming back into Parliament is to make sure his personal agenda a reality. Clearly he's not fighting for keadilan untuk rakyat.. he is fighting for his own keadilan.. for himself.. Dun ask me why should I published this statement..i just dunno why.. but deep inside my heart I knew that sumthing wasn't right with DSAI..

And for God sake u ladies and gentleman...what is wrong with DSAI as a Gay????? I juz don't know whether all these sodomised crap is true or not.. I wouldn't know.. Who am I to judge anyway?? The only person that could say, Yess..I am a Gay! --> would be DSAI himself!! And Allah SWT.. it's between him and God! We are nobody to judge him!! And for God sake, if it's true that DSAI is a Gay, why can't u guys just accept it??? Why? Why?Why?

He's a normal human beings halllooooooooooo!! What's wrong wif Gay? I mean..I have lots and lots of frens who's Gay..and God knows that they are the best+kindest+sempoiest ppl on Earth I hv ever met in my entire life!!!!

How I wish Tun M still the PM for this country! How I wish...

Happy Independence Day to all Malaysian!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

MuNcHy's miNi CrAckErs WiTh chEEse CreAm

Yippieeeeee....!!! So glad that i finally found this iinii minnii tiny crackers on the rack of my bespren's store downstairs...the Mogana Store of course!! after seeing this on Jaja's blog , i've made promise to myself that i'm gonna get one! The taste was damn good.. considering that it came in very mini-bite-friendly size, i could say that i finished up the whole pack at one go! hahahhaha~ there goes my diet then... sighhh..

but knowing that Jaja bought this at only MYR0.99 at Tesco, i am soooo convinced that i've been screwed up by my bespren non other than Uncle Chandran..coz he's selling it at MYR1.50 (as u can see in the pixs below lah!) So i am MYR0.51 rugi! Duhhhhh..

can u see the price?? it's MYR1.50

But hey.. i'm not that very-typical-old-lady@mokcik who's forever complaining about prices when it comes to filling up my own stomach and satisfying my appetite, for God sake???!! I'm a food lover...(though at THIS particular period i must say that i'm trying to avoid all these very nice delicious sedaplicious foods..and forcing myself to ignore all craves that i'm having-trust me it aint easy!!!).. so i thought i should just forgive Uncle Chandran and halalkan my every pennies (not penis okay!!!) yg dier telan today.. BTW, Uncle Chandran has been very kind to me all these while.. sbb die slalu bagi dicounts on most of the things i bought frm his store..(by giving me discounts, he's actually selling it at original price..u see??..hahah very nice hah uncle...tada rugi juga!!) kwangkwangkwanggggg~

the last 2 pieces!!


Yesterday i am so kantoi wif Jaja.. she've managed to tracked this blog (very clever of me by leaving comments on her blog using my blogger account) but hey!! It's fun though.. at least now i knew that sumone's reading all these craps written by me..thehehhee..

well Ja.. sorri ek x gitau ko.. bukan pe.. there's 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 entries i've made that has made me thinkin' twice thrice or dunno how many times to let u guys my dearest frenss read & comment about.. but hey guess wat? i dun care anymore!! yippiee!!!~

this blog is for me to channel all the journalist creativity in me (which doesn't seems to be my career of course) and it's like a cyber diary too!! the only diff. is tat a diary needs to be handwritten but a blog can juz be save me my pen ink plus i dun hv to cramp my fingers and hiding my ever lazybusynosy(?)choosypplhandwriting..

So, ladies and gentleman...from the bottom of my deepest heart, I would like to announce..

WELCOME TO MY BLOG !..and this is.. my stories....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Open Letter to God

Dear God,
This is my 1st ever letter to you.. i hv not asked for anything as big as this before.. and i know that i'm one of your sinful ummah in this tiny world.. but i've started to discipline myself to pray to you 5 times a day..(though sumtimes it became 3 or 4)..

Dear God,
If I have been fated to finally meet sumone who's out there waiting for me and eventually would become my future husband, pls God make me bumped into him soon! I can never wait any longer and I would love to xperience those wonderful moments ever in my entire life!

Firman Allah SWT

" Maha Suci Tuhan Yang telah menciptakan makhluk-makhluk semuanya berpasangan; samada dari yang ditumbuhkan oleh bumi atau dari diri mereka ataupun dari apa yang mereka tidak mengetahuinya. "

" Glory to Allah, Who created in pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as their own (human) kind and (other) things of which they have no knowledge. "

YaaSin : 36

Dear God,
But if I hv been fated to be alone until I finally die of sakit tua, pls get sumone to shoot me in my head before my Mom and my family had to bear all the shame of having a retarded andartu in the house and having to hide their faces wif BIG SUNGLASSESS from the orang kampong that would definitely mengumpat siang malam about anak dara tak laku which refers to none other than ME!

Dear God,
I can never ask for anything but this is from my deepest heart.. pls grant me my wishes ya Allah.. as most of my frens hv been married and are on their way of producing 2nd baby like Amylia Fadzlina and soon-gonna-be-married like Nuraiza..

Dear God,
I know that ur reading this letter right now..pls share me ur love and spare me some of ur fairness and give me a husband will ya? It's totally unfair for me (though i knew that i can never complaint of your arrangement for your umat as each and every hard times u gave is a test and it will eventually turns out to be rahmat behind it) when u gave to those celebrities and artistes a very good husband in terms of love, money wise and security and most important is that they have gotten their husband even though they are all much much more B*TCHER than me! Look at them.. they hv got themselves a Dato', Tan Sri, Dato' Seri, Raja Muda or Tuanku at least!~
(okay this is wayyyy too much of ME already..forgive me dear God)

Dear God,
Out of all the wonders in this world, I hv chose to wish for these 2 things only :
1) Grant me a good husband and
2) Blessed me wif wonderful babies

Dear God,
All I ever wanted is... to get MARRIED

2nd thing that annoys me much

guards at maxis tower

yerp.. and knowing that i hv to see their most annoying smile every single day before going up to the gym makes me wanna puke some more !! i mean..wat the hell were u guys thinking anyway? wif ur senyum kambing and sengih kerang busuk korang tue? u guys dun xpect me to smile back wif my most gatal face ever???!! hallloooooooo...

look! i know that as at today i haven't got any good guy to be called boyfren yet! But that doesn't mean that i should consider one of u?? pls..pls..pls.. hv a lil' sympathy on me and my future baby will ya? my baby and his/her mom would need to have Chili's or TGI Friday's sumtimes..!!~ Pity me will ya?

damn it u nosy ppl nextdoor's office.. now u hv just turned me into one of those "orang-orang yang memilih" hurmm.. btull agak nyer aper yg dier cakap kott.. pilih sangat oghang marah.. x pilih pon dapat yg hampehs watper? dapat yg Mat-Rempit-Look-a-Like keje serbis ekon pehtu poket kosong aku gak x dapat aper in-the-end????

So listen up seluruh orang-orang kampong!!!! Here's a few tips on getting the right guy to be ur boyfren/husband fellas so that u won't be frust menonggeng after been dumped by him.. :-

1) Never.. i repeat, NEVER go for Mat-Rempit-Look-a-Like !!

2) Before u pronounce urself boyfren/gurlfren or husband/wife or u may kiss the bride, do check.. i repeat..DO CHECK on his current and savings account together wif ASB account (if possible) or SSP BSN or Tabung Haji a/c.. To get a copy of those is advisable..

3) Do whutever u can to get a glimpse or to xerox his latest Salary Slip wif details of deductions, EPF (with statement-and make sure u know who's the nominees and be sure that ur name can still be fit in). In this case, there's only one thing to be sure of : his salary should be higher than yours! I repeat..SHOULD!

4) Get him to really loves you till he gave u his user id and password for his online banking and password for his ATM cards for security measure of course! It will be of great helps too esp. during mid-of-the-month or during the Malaysia Mega Sales Carnival !!! Yibba yibba angree u'll get to monitor the movements of his $$$$$$$ too!!

Example of situation (based on true story-editors personal xperience) :

Me : Abang, sal ingat nak beli toilettries balik nanti..tapi duit x braper cukup.. heheh (giggle wif the most gatal sound ever)

Abang : Okay okay.. sal transfer jek duit ek.. nanti balik beli..

Me : Thanks abang!! I love u..mmuahh..mmuahh.. (hung up and quickly jump up and down)

Fret not my dear, these tips hv proven to be SUCCESSFUL and it really works for Me !
(as this "abang" is still actively contributing for me and can't seems to really put me aside a.k.a still gilerr talak wif me!)

Yess.. i am sooooo evil right now!!!! I can really feel them here wif me... i can even smell the heat!!~ Hahahhahahhahhahaha (gelak jahat glerrrr)

What annoys me the most...

Guess wat? Read my lips people -->> Right now the one and only thing that annoys me the most is when sumone asking me this types of question again and again ladies & gentleman...

"Sal biler nak kawen?"
Yups.. that's the answer folks.. so pls stop popping out that particular questions/enquiry ONLY.
Feel free to ask me wat parfume i'm using, how's my langkawi trip recently, wat did i hv for breakfast yesterday, or at least do compliment me on my latest bodylicious figure by saying "it seems like u've managed to shred those xtra pounds on u" or "i can see that ur gettin' slimmer and thinner and slender and now u look like kacang panjang rather than buah pear!"

Yes.. the problem wif these people is tat..they thought that finding/getting the right man to marry is as easy as Aja cooking nasik lemak wif delicious sambal tumis ikan bilis and kentang goreng garing wif telor???

Aha and there's more! Yesterday while struggling to lock my damn berkarat office door, suddenly this one of those nosy ppl frm nextdoor's office said hye to me.. and then it goes :

Him : Hye sal..nak balik dah? Kawan awak tue biler balik dr cuti?
Me : Hye..a'ah nk blk.. owhh kiss masuk lepas raya..
Him : Die dapat bay boy kan? Seronok la dh sepasang.. awak biler lagik?
Me : A'ah baby boy.. hurmm.. tatau la.. (giggle)
Him : Awak memilih sangat.. tu pasal x kawen2 lagi.. memilih memang la..
Me : ????????????? (sengih cam kerang)

Yes..and u would definitely able to predict how's my face looks like at that very moment and i swear to God that i would really love to poke out those maki hamun ku yg berbakul2 so that die xkan bcakap lagik ngan aku??!!! But hey! I am so so so damn professional so i just smiled and pretend that whutever he said juz now doesnt bother me at all my dear!!

Puke! Puke! Puke at his face 3x..


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