Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008

This is gonna be my last post for the year of 2008.
So many things happened till i just can't recall everything.

1. Working with the same company throughout this year.
2. I've only took 3 days MC throughout this year.
3. I've took 11 days of my Annual Leave this year. Still had 17 days left.
4. I've gone for 16 days of Public Holidays this year-coti free gomen bagi.
5. I've chartered a taxi for 8 days in March - but then I sacked him for trying to flirt around with me. How dare u?
7. My BFF Jaja were engaged to Shukor on 09/03/2008.
8. Sign up as a member with Fitness First Menara Maxis on April 2008.
9. Attended ex-SMKUK 1st gath at Mid Valley Cosmo Bowl on 26/04/2008.
10. Started my training programme with Personal Trainer on May 2008.
11. Went to Langkawi wif my family on 01-03/08/2008.
12. Lost 11kg of my body weight upon completion of 30 sessions training programme wif my Personal Trainer in August.
13. Attended ex-SMKUK 2nd gath at Vistana Hotel for buka puasa on 14/09/2008.
14. Attended ex-SMKUK 3rd gath at Sinar's hse for Hari Raya on 04/10/2008.
15. My house were robbed on 19/10/2008.
16. Went to PD & Malacca wif my sister's family on 01-02/11/2008.
17. Went to PD & Malacca again wif my frens on 10-12/11/2008.

18. My mom been transfered to JB Sentral IPD on 15/12/2008.
19. I don't get to go for half day today because my boss forgot the promise that he made last week.

Will update if I managed to remember anything later. Till then, have a great day ahead everyone and wishing you Happy New Year of 2009. Let's hope 2009 will brings us success and joy and hopefully I will manage to get myself a good offer from a reputable company? Thehehe..I do hope so! Amin..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well if u ever think that i am weight conscious..think again.
I am !
Not that I thought of having those flabby xcessive baggage isn't pretty, but it was never pretty on me! Only ME..

I have a pear shape body which of course ppl sumtimes mistaken me for Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Keira Knightly or Salma Hayek! pheww..
or maybe Mariah Carey..owhh dear..
(when you have wider thighs than hips ladies and gentleman, you are categorized under Pear Shaped)

I also have a big sexy butt and i bet this is one of the reason why
Mazli loves to snap my pictures from the back angle (yes i knew it mazli-just admit it! u told me it was sexy though REMEMBER? aku ader bukti yer..ittew baru aku pakei kain kebaya..)

can't help's in the gene.. too bad i don't inherit those big boobs.. used to have it but it shrunk right after i lost my weight!

So..out of all the craziness that has possessed me all these while, my main concern is of course my mungil butt and finger lickin good KFC thigh.. coz that's the only part that would eventually scares off any guy approaching me whenever i put on xtra kilos! besides my bulging tummy of course..

Even though i am quite satisfied with my body now, i am continuing my exercise regime to maintain my weight and at the same time trying to firm and tone up my lower parts. Although ppl around me (those nosy ppl i told u in the previous entry remember?) has started complaining of my juts out collarbone and started comparing mine with those anorexic models. I don't have (in any way) an eating disorder-i just love it, i might have body image distortion with an obsessive fear of gaining weight but i don't starve myself neither i puke after every meal (halloo food is expensive nowadays..y would u want to throw it in the toilet bowl?)

I used to cry in front of my closet-for not having anything to wear..because all my clothes have become smaller for me or me getting bigger than my clothes? I thought all those nightmares have gone but i was wrong! Now, i felt like crying whenever i puts on my shirts or pants or baju kurung for it has becomes baggy and i would look like i was wearing my mom's! sighhhh..

Monday, December 22, 2008

Manusia Hasad Dengki

Hidup kita nie x sah kalo x dikelilingi manusia yang berperasaan hasad dengki kan?

Bila kita gemok, diorang kutuk kater mcm2..mcm badan org dh kawen la..

Bila kita dh kurus, pon kene kater cengkung la..mcm sakit la..

Serba salah kan?

Truth is..they are just so so damn JEALOUS !!!!

yess..that's the right word to describe these people.. these most annoying ppl ever in the whole wide world..

I've sacrificed a lot and worked so hard to feels this good, yet ppl around me are just too nosy and busy body and kepoh like hell.. well they are already like that even before i lost those kgsss..!
(i guess what they said is true-once a nosy always a nosy? yess..they are! it's by nature and they just can't help it..)

They are somewhat like a predator waiting for the right time to attack me..

so what else after this? "sal mcm dh naik skett badan..since dh x gi gym nie.."

each and every inch of my body is your everydays business is it?

Sampai aku makeup pon ko ader masalah ke? "sal takut makeup cair.."
Hallooo i would rather spend some time to put on my makeup than to look like a living corpse like u?!!

At least i am so happy (than ever) now that i am able to wear those "s" size shirts AGAIN ! Can u?

Just for God sake, stop all these craps will ya? Mind your own business and kain.

You better keep an eye on your husband in case he would go around mingling with all the young and gatal gurls rather than to keep observing me?

Thank you very much for your cooperation and have a nice day!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Diam Diam Jatuh Cinta - Ramlah Ram

Pls enjoy this song as much as I do !!!

Diam-diam.. berpandangan
Mata bertentang mata
Malu-malu.. aku malu
Kau buat begitu

Jeling-jeling.. kau menjeling
Senyumanmu menggoda
Lama-lama.. dalam diam
Aku jatuh cinta

Beginikah rasanya
Sakit asmara
Siang malam gelisah
Ingin bersama

Ku tunggu ku menanti
Kata cintamu
Biar senang dihati
Ku disampingmu

Jangan-jangan kau berpura
Sembunyikan hatimu
Bukan-bukan ku tak tahu
Debar didadamu

Kita saling sama cinta
Tetapi malu-malu
Diam-diam jadi rindu
Rinduku padamu

Dulu malu tapi mahu
Kini baruku tahu
Diam-diam jatuh cinta
Bersama akhirnya

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rela - Tila

Tak ubah berbunga lalang
Rendahnya pandanganmu
Padaku yang amat memerlukan

Kegersangan sekeping hati
Mengharapkan setitis embun
Agar basah rindu ini

Aku yang terbiar
Sejak mula lagi
Puas ku merintih
Puas ku berduka

Ku hanya mampu berserah
Berserta doa harapan
Ubahlah haluan hidup ini

Demi cinta yang menyala
Kurela menggenggam bara api
Demi kasih yang mengharum
Sungguh aku rela

Biarpun pada pandangan
Seperti bunga yang layu terbuang
Namun kau pasti tahu
Semua kerna

Aku masih lagi setia padamu
Biar ku menangis seumpama pengemis

Ku hanya mampu berserah
Berserta doa harapan
Ubahlah haluan hidupku ini


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