Friday, August 29, 2008

Tribute To Independence Day : DSAI sworn as MP

Credit to the author Mr. Anuar Dan and this is taken from this site

Seeing DSAI sworn in at the parliament yesterday, has made me completely overwhelmed with grief..grief for our country..our nation..our Malaysia.. The last time i've felt this way is when Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad cried and announcing that he's stepping down..

Knowing that DSAI won in the Permatang Pauh by-election has made me incapable of speaking for a period of time.. as if i've been in a state of "struck dumb" for a while..

Reading Tun's blog has made me realised that..ppl are not actually voting for DSAI because they supports him. But it's because they don't want DSAAB to giving the majority winning to BN candidate, it means to show supports to DSAAB too.. I know that reading this entry will upsets most of u guys out there who's the real supporter of DSAI.. but I do believe that this is a free country therefore I should be freely allowed to choose my own beliefs..

I didn't say that I'm BN's supporter or PKR supporter..or any other parties.. I'm neutral.. but as far as i can see of what's happening around this country.. especially when we're about to celebrate our nation's 51st Independence.. The more i want to believe that we are an independent country, the more i am convinced that we are actually so far behind in terms of morality & mentality and many more.. Our mentality hasn't changed from the day before merdeka (though i wasn't even born yet) --> My chinese boss who's born in 1949 at Penang would always said that to me.. he also said "I was borned in 1949..i am the 3rd generation u know.. even though my moyang datok is all frm China but I never said that I'm Chinese..i'm from China.. No! I am Malaysian.. no matter what race you are..whether ur a Malay, Indian or Chinese, we are all Malaysian.. never brought up issues of racism and all these u know.."

Well clearly what he meant is, as one nation, we should all bersatu coz we are Malaysian.. not bcoz i'm Malay..ur Chinese or he's Indian.. nop! But this is not what's happening in our country right here right now.. Melayu dgn Melayu bertelagah..apetah lagi dgn bangsa lain.. There's just too many political parties around that separates us among each other..that has made us fights against each other.. I wonder when this is gonna be over??

I just don't know why..but I strongly believed that DSAI's intention of coming back into Parliament is to make sure his personal agenda a reality. Clearly he's not fighting for keadilan untuk rakyat.. he is fighting for his own keadilan.. for himself.. Dun ask me why should I published this statement..i just dunno why.. but deep inside my heart I knew that sumthing wasn't right with DSAI..

And for God sake u ladies and gentleman...what is wrong with DSAI as a Gay????? I juz don't know whether all these sodomised crap is true or not.. I wouldn't know.. Who am I to judge anyway?? The only person that could say, Yess..I am a Gay! --> would be DSAI himself!! And Allah SWT.. it's between him and God! We are nobody to judge him!! And for God sake, if it's true that DSAI is a Gay, why can't u guys just accept it??? Why? Why?Why?

He's a normal human beings halllooooooooooo!! What's wrong wif Gay? I mean..I have lots and lots of frens who's Gay..and God knows that they are the best+kindest+sempoiest ppl on Earth I hv ever met in my entire life!!!!

How I wish Tun M still the PM for this country! How I wish...

Happy Independence Day to all Malaysian!


Najashukor said...

cakap banyak tak gune...nama kamu tu ade ke dlm list SPR? muahahaha..

Sal Abdul Rahman said...

ahahahhahahhahahah~ tidaaaaaaakkk!!!


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