Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yesterday i am so kantoi wif Jaja.. she've managed to tracked this blog (very clever of me by leaving comments on her blog using my blogger account) but hey!! It's fun though.. at least now i knew that sumone's reading all these craps written by me..thehehhee..

well Ja.. sorri ek x gitau ko.. bukan pe.. there's 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 entries i've made that has made me thinkin' twice thrice or dunno how many times to let u guys my dearest frenss read & comment about.. but hey guess wat? i dun care anymore!! yippiee!!!~

this blog is for me to channel all the journalist creativity in me (which doesn't seems to be my career of course) and it's like a cyber diary too!! the only diff. is tat a diary needs to be handwritten but a blog can juz be save me my pen ink plus i dun hv to cramp my fingers and hiding my ever lazybusynosy(?)choosypplhandwriting..

So, ladies and gentleman...from the bottom of my deepest heart, I would like to announce..

WELCOME TO MY BLOG !..and this is.. my stories....

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Najashukor said...

Haaaa lagimau sorok ka..apa ade hal la..aku dulu macam tu jugak..
weh kasik letak shoutbox lah..boleh aku mencarut carut..haha
Apa macam kawan baru?


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