Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Open Letter to God

Dear God,
This is my 1st ever letter to you.. i hv not asked for anything as big as this before.. and i know that i'm one of your sinful ummah in this tiny world.. but i've started to discipline myself to pray to you 5 times a day..(though sumtimes it became 3 or 4)..

Dear God,
If I have been fated to finally meet sumone who's out there waiting for me and eventually would become my future husband, pls God make me bumped into him soon! I can never wait any longer and I would love to xperience those wonderful moments ever in my entire life!

Firman Allah SWT

" Maha Suci Tuhan Yang telah menciptakan makhluk-makhluk semuanya berpasangan; samada dari yang ditumbuhkan oleh bumi atau dari diri mereka ataupun dari apa yang mereka tidak mengetahuinya. "

" Glory to Allah, Who created in pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as their own (human) kind and (other) things of which they have no knowledge. "

YaaSin : 36

Dear God,
But if I hv been fated to be alone until I finally die of sakit tua, pls get sumone to shoot me in my head before my Mom and my family had to bear all the shame of having a retarded andartu in the house and having to hide their faces wif BIG SUNGLASSESS from the orang kampong that would definitely mengumpat siang malam about anak dara tak laku which refers to none other than ME!

Dear God,
I can never ask for anything but this is from my deepest heart.. pls grant me my wishes ya Allah.. as most of my frens hv been married and are on their way of producing 2nd baby like Amylia Fadzlina and soon-gonna-be-married like Nuraiza..

Dear God,
I know that ur reading this letter right now..pls share me ur love and spare me some of ur fairness and give me a husband will ya? It's totally unfair for me (though i knew that i can never complaint of your arrangement for your umat as each and every hard times u gave is a test and it will eventually turns out to be rahmat behind it) when u gave to those celebrities and artistes a very good husband in terms of love, money wise and security and most important is that they have gotten their husband even though they are all much much more B*TCHER than me! Look at them.. they hv got themselves a Dato', Tan Sri, Dato' Seri, Raja Muda or Tuanku at least!~
(okay this is wayyyy too much of ME already..forgive me dear God)

Dear God,
Out of all the wonders in this world, I hv chose to wish for these 2 things only :
1) Grant me a good husband and
2) Blessed me wif wonderful babies

Dear God,
All I ever wanted is... to get MARRIED

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