Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What annoys me the most...

Guess wat? Read my lips people -->> Right now the one and only thing that annoys me the most is when sumone asking me this types of question again and again ladies & gentleman...

"Sal biler nak kawen?"
Yups.. that's the answer folks.. so pls stop popping out that particular questions/enquiry ONLY.
Feel free to ask me wat parfume i'm using, how's my langkawi trip recently, wat did i hv for breakfast yesterday, or at least do compliment me on my latest bodylicious figure by saying "it seems like u've managed to shred those xtra pounds on u" or "i can see that ur gettin' slimmer and thinner and slender and now u look like kacang panjang rather than buah pear!"

Yes.. the problem wif these people is tat..they thought that finding/getting the right man to marry is as easy as Aja cooking nasik lemak wif delicious sambal tumis ikan bilis and kentang goreng garing wif telor???

Aha and there's more! Yesterday while struggling to lock my damn berkarat office door, suddenly this one of those nosy ppl frm nextdoor's office said hye to me.. and then it goes :

Him : Hye sal..nak balik dah? Kawan awak tue biler balik dr cuti?
Me : Hye..a'ah nk blk.. owhh kiss masuk lepas raya..
Him : Die dapat bay boy kan? Seronok la dh sepasang.. awak biler lagik?
Me : A'ah baby boy.. hurmm.. tatau la.. (giggle)
Him : Awak memilih sangat.. tu pasal x kawen2 lagi.. memilih memang la..
Me : ????????????? (sengih cam kerang)

Yes..and u would definitely able to predict how's my face looks like at that very moment and i swear to God that i would really love to poke out those maki hamun ku yg berbakul2 so that die xkan bcakap lagik ngan aku??!!! But hey! I am so so so damn professional so i just smiled and pretend that whutever he said juz now doesnt bother me at all my dear!!

Puke! Puke! Puke at his face 3x..


Najashukor said...

haiyohhhh marahkan nyamuk habis sambal bilis mak di sebut sebutkan...hahaha

Sal Abdul Rahman said...

wakakkakakkakak~ jgn mare ek.. tapi sumpah sambal ko nampak marbeles glerr !!!


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