Thursday, September 11, 2008

Huarrrrghhhhhh ngantuk nyerrrr

Setelah disound oleh ahkak Jaja, so aku terpaksa la hapdate aku nyer blog nihs.. ahaks!! Kan pe ja..aku maleh bebenor semenjak-dua menjak nihs..

Yups.. sooo many things happened last of them is tat my besfren Waty juz came back for a month hse is sooooo upside down right now..yups thanks to Waty for not picking up whutever she throws on the floor, e.g clothes, socks, sampah pon ader.., for not washing the plates/glasses tat she used to makan coz she ain't puasa pon.., for not tidying up my bed when she woke up everyday (in the afternoon/evening of course..).. but no matter how hectic, how chaotic, messy, mussy fussy and disorderly my house is.. I am just so glad that she's here!! I am happy!! happy!! happy!! yeayyy... At least I had someone talking while she's sleeping beside me, at least I had someone yelling at me, screaming at me, talking so loud at me coz she forgot to turn off her microphone (for God sake Waty! juz turn off that mic will ya???) Yess..and she's juz gettin' worse every time.. coz she's so used of havin' her chambermaid doin' everythin' for her back in Jeddah!! Thanks to Saudi Arabian Airlines who provides all their hostessess wif chambermaids at their hostess compound..and for that turnin' all the gurls into the laziestttt human beings ever lived in this entire world????!!!

Wokay so Waty will be here in Msia till end of the mth.. she had lotsa things to do.. she managed to get her US Visa yesterday.. she was very happy that she passed the interview session wif the consular..she needs the Visa for her to operate US flights..coz she said US flights means more flying time, more money.. And of course it's me lah who did all the calling, filling-up forms, printing, reminding her to dun forget to bring this and that, yelling at her to go to fotoshop for her Visa photo.. etc etc and so forth..sighhh.. mmg kene pau lebih skett kali nihs!!~

And now she's concentrating on her driving lesson wif Sekolah Memandu Pakcik Shamsudin (bekas pelakon & ader bini banyak..).. everyday she's complaining of strain muscle bcoz she claimed that the steering is so liat and she felt like a taxi driver having to drive here and there to Langat..Ulu Kelang and many more places.. Hahahahhahahhaha~ But she's so determined to hv the license for her to buy a car.. her dream car of course a 2.0 fact she already had the downpayment in hand.. Well..for her paying monthly installment of 1.2k every month is juz a piece of nut..wif her earning right now, she could afford that no doubt.. She even called Hisyam for his opinion whether to hv Civic or Jazz.. but instead Hisyam asked her to buy a second hand Kancil for cash! and she was so pissed off!! kakkakaaaa.. according to Hisyam it's better for new driver like her to buy a second hand car coz if she happens to langgar or meredum redam saner sinih pon x la sayang sangat compared to a brand new car.. but of course la she refused! Thehehhehehe~

Enough of Waty.. now let's talk abt Hisyam.. he came last we had our buka puasa together wif Waty and Ijan his fren..we had nasik briani gam..(there goes my diet again!!).. and he was so suprised to see me.. coz I'm gettin' slimmer la of course!!! ahahhahahahhaaa jgn jeless.. baru padan muka dierr!! So he made promised to Waty to come back tomorrow to lepak wif us..coz Waty were torturing him so bad when he wanted to go off early tat day..and his fren Ijan plakk hv had a crush on Waty..haihh how can that ever happened agak nyerr yerr?? Maybe after seeing Waty wif her jubah abaya that she wore for Terawih tu kottt.. mak okay jerr nyahhh...!!! ko gaduh la ngan Herry...hahahhahaa~

And then, on Saturday my biggest ever responsibility came! They came in two (2) tiny mini packages.. one is abt 1 and half yrs old.. the other one is abt two and half yrs old.. that is none other than my beloved nieces - Fatin Syamimi and Farah Najihah..well.. mak yang hv to babysit them coz mama and abah had to packed up all their things at home to moved out to their newly purchased hse.. so their mama had no choice but to send them to mak yang's place coz mak yang is the only reliable auntie that they had here in KL after Cu Na.. as usual Cu Na will always be busy wif Pakcik Flop.. busy wif her frens on weekends.. so Cu Na is a no-no.. Since mak yang doesn't hv any other commitment, and of course mak yang will always says "yes" and mak yang will never says "no" to your mama coz ur mama had never said "no" to mak yang u seee??!! And most important is mak yang really loves u both and mak yang would do anything for u okay..!!

Well..babysitting them I can really tell ain't an easy task!! trust me..I only gets my shower once (and tat is early mornin' before they arrive).. even though i am fasting, doesnt means that they would hv to fast too right? so mak yang hv to cook u lunch..(since breakfast is provided by mama frm McDonalds).. and feeding them is another issue.. Jia is okay..she is 100% food processor..she can take anything frm biscuits to nasik to fruits to even dodol or buah kurma or anything..too much food is never enough for Jia!..but Mimi is sooo busy playing and refused to eat! She would only eats when she feels to do so..she hates vegetables.. she doesnt want to hv chicken..or meat..all she wanted is TELOR..!! and of course when makcik paty (refers to Waty) gave her ice cream!! Lucky me that Mimi can go and gang up wif Waty but Jia is so terrified to even look at Waty's face coz Waty would always tease her and scream like a monster at her wif face full of mask, bedak sejuk and Riz:Reni peeling cream! So all she did is cried whenever Waty is nearby..sighhhhh..

So, later that day their mama called to informed tat they're havin' problems wif the lorry driver and the workers which my sis hired to carry all their stuffs from their old hse to the new hse. It's bcoz of the new hse which is on the 4th flr and that there's no the workers said that they are not willing to help/carry the things after seeing how many stuffs my sister had! So to cut short, my sister has asked me whether I could let the gurls stayed in my hse for the night.. yup and mak yang again said yess..of course I would have to help..she's my sister for God sake!

Later Waty insist to hv a drink at mamak and said that she's not feeling well and need to go to the clinic.. so we've decided to heret these two gurls out!! yess..that night mak yang took her two nieces for a drink at mamak!!! But it's just around 10++pm.. and we thought that it's still okay for them to go out and hv a sip of mamak's teh..thehehhehehhehehe~ As usual, Mimi was the happiest to go out..ordered roti canai and soya bean for them.. After that, went to clinic and then head back home.. The gurls slept at abt 1.30am (which is very late of course! coz mama would normally force them to sleep at 10..)..they slept happily and soundly the whole night..until at abt 6am Jia cried for "cucu" (susu).. so mak yang had to woke up dizzily and made her susu.. So everyone is basically happy.. happy.. happy...!!!~

Next day, their mama came over for buka puasa..and took them home.. left mak yang so so exhausted, tired, depleted of strength and energy and in need of some rest and good sleep!~

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