Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2nd thing that annoys me much

guards at maxis tower

yerp.. and knowing that i hv to see their most annoying smile every single day before going up to the gym makes me wanna puke some more !! i mean..wat the hell were u guys thinking anyway? wif ur senyum kambing and sengih kerang busuk korang tue? u guys dun xpect me to smile back wif my most gatal face ever???!! hallloooooooo...

look! i know that as at today i haven't got any good guy to be called boyfren yet! But that doesn't mean that i should consider one of u?? pls..pls..pls.. hv a lil' sympathy on me and my future baby will ya? my baby and his/her mom would need to have Chili's or TGI Friday's sumtimes..!!~ Pity me will ya?

damn it u nosy ppl nextdoor's office.. now u hv just turned me into one of those "orang-orang yang memilih" hurmm.. btull agak nyer aper yg dier cakap kott.. pilih sangat oghang marah.. x pilih pon dapat yg hampehs watper? dapat yg Mat-Rempit-Look-a-Like keje serbis ekon pehtu poket kosong aku gak x dapat aper in-the-end????

So listen up seluruh orang-orang kampong!!!! Here's a few tips on getting the right guy to be ur boyfren/husband fellas so that u won't be frust menonggeng after been dumped by him.. :-

1) Never.. i repeat, NEVER go for Mat-Rempit-Look-a-Like !!

2) Before u pronounce urself boyfren/gurlfren or husband/wife or u may kiss the bride, do check.. i repeat..DO CHECK on his current and savings account together wif ASB account (if possible) or SSP BSN or Tabung Haji a/c.. To get a copy of those is advisable..

3) Do whutever u can to get a glimpse or to xerox his latest Salary Slip wif details of deductions, EPF (with statement-and make sure u know who's the nominees and be sure that ur name can still be fit in). In this case, there's only one thing to be sure of : his salary should be higher than yours! I repeat..SHOULD!

4) Get him to really loves you till he gave u his user id and password for his online banking and password for his ATM cards for security measure of course! It will be of great helps too esp. during mid-of-the-month or during the Malaysia Mega Sales Carnival !!! Yibba yibba angree u'll get to monitor the movements of his $$$$$$$ too!!

Example of situation (based on true story-editors personal xperience) :

Me : Abang, sal ingat nak beli toilettries balik nanti..tapi duit x braper cukup.. heheh (giggle wif the most gatal sound ever)

Abang : Okay okay.. sal transfer jek duit ek.. nanti balik beli..

Me : Thanks abang!! I love u..mmuahh..mmuahh.. (hung up and quickly jump up and down)

Fret not my dear, these tips hv proven to be SUCCESSFUL and it really works for Me !
(as this "abang" is still actively contributing for me and can't seems to really put me aside a.k.a still gilerr talak wif me!)

Yess.. i am sooooo evil right now!!!! I can really feel them here wif me... i can even smell the heat!!~ Hahahhahahhahhahaha (gelak jahat glerrrr)

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