Thursday, August 28, 2008

MuNcHy's miNi CrAckErs WiTh chEEse CreAm

Yippieeeeee....!!! So glad that i finally found this iinii minnii tiny crackers on the rack of my bespren's store downstairs...the Mogana Store of course!! after seeing this on Jaja's blog , i've made promise to myself that i'm gonna get one! The taste was damn good.. considering that it came in very mini-bite-friendly size, i could say that i finished up the whole pack at one go! hahahhaha~ there goes my diet then... sighhh..

but knowing that Jaja bought this at only MYR0.99 at Tesco, i am soooo convinced that i've been screwed up by my bespren non other than Uncle Chandran..coz he's selling it at MYR1.50 (as u can see in the pixs below lah!) So i am MYR0.51 rugi! Duhhhhh..

can u see the price?? it's MYR1.50

But hey.. i'm not that very-typical-old-lady@mokcik who's forever complaining about prices when it comes to filling up my own stomach and satisfying my appetite, for God sake???!! I'm a food lover...(though at THIS particular period i must say that i'm trying to avoid all these very nice delicious sedaplicious foods..and forcing myself to ignore all craves that i'm having-trust me it aint easy!!!).. so i thought i should just forgive Uncle Chandran and halalkan my every pennies (not penis okay!!!) yg dier telan today.. BTW, Uncle Chandran has been very kind to me all these while.. sbb die slalu bagi dicounts on most of the things i bought frm his store..(by giving me discounts, he's actually selling it at original price..u see??..hahah very nice hah uncle...tada rugi juga!!) kwangkwangkwanggggg~

the last 2 pieces!!

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Najashukor said...

Aiyo habis la diet ikut jejak langkah ahkak...haha..
ingat lah wahai umat bahawa seketoi beskot itu mengandungi berapa banyak kalori yang tidak kamu perlukan...matilah aku telan 2peket non stop! hahaha


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