Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008

This is gonna be my last post for the year of 2008.
So many things happened till i just can't recall everything.

1. Working with the same company throughout this year.
2. I've only took 3 days MC throughout this year.
3. I've took 11 days of my Annual Leave this year. Still had 17 days left.
4. I've gone for 16 days of Public Holidays this year-coti free gomen bagi.
5. I've chartered a taxi for 8 days in March - but then I sacked him for trying to flirt around with me. How dare u?
7. My BFF Jaja were engaged to Shukor on 09/03/2008.
8. Sign up as a member with Fitness First Menara Maxis on April 2008.
9. Attended ex-SMKUK 1st gath at Mid Valley Cosmo Bowl on 26/04/2008.
10. Started my training programme with Personal Trainer on May 2008.
11. Went to Langkawi wif my family on 01-03/08/2008.
12. Lost 11kg of my body weight upon completion of 30 sessions training programme wif my Personal Trainer in August.
13. Attended ex-SMKUK 2nd gath at Vistana Hotel for buka puasa on 14/09/2008.
14. Attended ex-SMKUK 3rd gath at Sinar's hse for Hari Raya on 04/10/2008.
15. My house were robbed on 19/10/2008.
16. Went to PD & Malacca wif my sister's family on 01-02/11/2008.
17. Went to PD & Malacca again wif my frens on 10-12/11/2008.

18. My mom been transfered to JB Sentral IPD on 15/12/2008.
19. I don't get to go for half day today because my boss forgot the promise that he made last week.

Will update if I managed to remember anything later. Till then, have a great day ahead everyone and wishing you Happy New Year of 2009. Let's hope 2009 will brings us success and joy and hopefully I will manage to get myself a good offer from a reputable company? Thehehe..I do hope so! Amin..

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