Monday, December 22, 2008

Manusia Hasad Dengki

Hidup kita nie x sah kalo x dikelilingi manusia yang berperasaan hasad dengki kan?

Bila kita gemok, diorang kutuk kater mcm2..mcm badan org dh kawen la..

Bila kita dh kurus, pon kene kater cengkung la..mcm sakit la..

Serba salah kan?

Truth is..they are just so so damn JEALOUS !!!!

yess..that's the right word to describe these people.. these most annoying ppl ever in the whole wide world..

I've sacrificed a lot and worked so hard to feels this good, yet ppl around me are just too nosy and busy body and kepoh like hell.. well they are already like that even before i lost those kgsss..!
(i guess what they said is true-once a nosy always a nosy? yess..they are! it's by nature and they just can't help it..)

They are somewhat like a predator waiting for the right time to attack me..

so what else after this? "sal mcm dh naik skett badan..since dh x gi gym nie.."

each and every inch of my body is your everydays business is it?

Sampai aku makeup pon ko ader masalah ke? "sal takut makeup cair.."
Hallooo i would rather spend some time to put on my makeup than to look like a living corpse like u?!!

At least i am so happy (than ever) now that i am able to wear those "s" size shirts AGAIN ! Can u?

Just for God sake, stop all these craps will ya? Mind your own business and kain.

You better keep an eye on your husband in case he would go around mingling with all the young and gatal gurls rather than to keep observing me?

Thank you very much for your cooperation and have a nice day!

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