Monday, September 22, 2008

Buka Puasa Gathering

Recently on September 14, 2008.. we had our buka puasa gathering at Vistana Hotel, KL. 11 ppl turned up.. they're me, Amy& Azam & Zahraa, Aley, John, Syikin, Eena, Sue, Elly, Manja and I brought along Waty since she's here.. Taiyib aka Ms. Cleo cancelled last minute coz he (or should I say "she"?) doesn't know how to gets there!

Despite of the heavy rain at around 5pm, and the powerful wind like tornado hit several places that day.. we managed to be there and everything went on smoothly.. even though its only 11 of us, but quantity doesn't matter right? Most important is tat all of us had a great time together and everyone is happy..happy..happy.. owhh yess.. even though we had to tong-tong amongst each other to pay up Taiyib's part (coz Aley had changed the booking twice from 15 pax to 12 and finally 11 turned we had to pay for the no show..)..

I would like to say million thanks to all of you guys/gals who had made the great initiative to gather us that day..thanks for the effort of turning up and thanks for the great time that we had!!! Wish that we could have many many more version of gathering in the near future!!

So here's some of the picxs that we had snapped :

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