Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The first azab dh lepas.. 2nd azab plak waiting for me.. tat is nk bwk balik kete tue ke KL.. Waty plakk insisted to drive (nak blajo kata nya..) that leaves us wif no choice but to follow Herry driving his car in front and me as the co-pilot next to Waty cum guru memandu, tukang tengok kete, tukang bagi instructions and so forth arr.. Those were the scariest moments ever THAT I can guarantee!!!!~ We were THIS close to being in an accident with the BIG blue kaler lorry!! That was right in front of TUDM Sg. Besi (as we hv missed the Cheras/Kuantan exit..thanks to Waty for driving so slow till we lost sight of Herry!) Pheww~

The funniest part is.. again we missed the right path when Waty drove to the wrong lane and ended up heading to Jalan Loke Yew..(instead of goin' straight heading to KL).. by the time we noticed that we were goin' the wrong direction, we got kan cheong to change lane coz there's lots of cars behind, left and right..and when we were horned by lorry for the 3rd time, we decided to go straight.. that brought us to Jalan Loke Yew.. ~!@#$%^&*()

Later we were sumwhere near dataran Merdeka..and guess wat? Yess we got lost again!! not bcoz we didn't know where to go, but coz we were damn scared to change lane !!! Huahahahahhaa..

Yup..after struggling so hard..despite of all the scariest moments, sudden mass fear and anxiety, slight terror, terrifying and frightening experience ever!!! Huh! We're finally home..

"Ghosts could never affright us" (wahhhh...boley gittew?)

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