Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Waty's newborn baby!!!!~

Waty wif the son of Ban Lee Heng Motor Sdn Bhd (the towkay)

and this is the salesman forgot wat's his name

aku ngan herry pon nak jugakk..

It was September 23, 2008. As planned earlier, I was forced influenced by Waty to sign for MC today coz we're goin' to Seremban to pick up Waty's brand new Honda Jazz 1.5 i-vtec which she bought for MYR 109,000 recently. It's blue and looks exactly the same as this tv commmercial :-

So as I am not that well btw..still down with the balance of fever which I had over the weekend, after sms-ing my boss, we head to Seremban and basically Waty was very very happy (as u can see in the pixss above lah!). From the shop we went to Herry's parents house in Rembau (coz mother-in-law wants to see la keto baru..).. so merasa arr aku gi umah DO Herry's dad is Rembau's District Officer.. before this Seremban..baru tukar..

So we lepak-ing, minum neskepe (as the 3 of us pon x poser-alasan kukuh demam aku ngan herry..waty laks period). "dah la x poso" bak kata pakcik rawi..maner x nya..oghang tua tue balik2 keje kitorang kemain ngah makan2..nasib parents herry mmg sporting abis..lagi pon dh knal lama..hahahhahahhaha~. So after so many rounds of test drive by Herry's mom, dad, adik, and then test drive plakk makcik's brand new camry (pon baru kuar)..makcik pon nak jugak.. kekekkekeke... siap pegi pasar ramadhan..but damn scary la coz Waty's driving mmg a bit bahaya plus slow glerr tapi skerr benor makan jalan oghang..

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