Friday, February 6, 2009

Bride Wars

I watched this movie on Wednesday wif my housemate, Rose. And I am so eager to post about it but I just can't spare any minute for this. So today I forced myself after all the effort of getting the pixss!

Starring Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway (one of my fav. actress for being such a pretty woman with very nice complexion..and xcellent play in The Princess Diaries & The Devil Wears Prada!), this film is rated 18PG for suggestive content, nasty language, and some rude behaviors shown. For 90 mins, this romantic comedy film is not so bored after all.. very light & does not requires thinking.. siokkk lahhh (bak kater Stacy!)

This film is soooo inspiring yet frustrating and tearsdropping to me especially all single gurls out there..coz sumhow in between I felt sad.. Imagining that my 2 bestfriends gonna be married this year.. my 2 BFF..! I imagine myself holding their hand down the aisle like Emma did to Liv in one of the scene! Jaja opt to settle down by mid of this yr while Waty planned for December insyaallah.. as a friend, I can't be any happier for them! Yeahh..that means I'm the only one left behind..adoihhh..

I should be kicking my ass for gym at any time now so that I could make it on time before Jaja's wedding..Hey! The Maid of Honor should look good on her BFF's wedding right?? I must be able to fit in those "xs" size sexy-off shoulder-wit a bit of flesh revealing dress right? rightt?? Phewww maner ler tau kott2 leh sangkut plakk ngan Man of Honor aka pengapit jantan si Sukor ker..hakhakhakhak... Sukor kamu kene make sure yg kapit kamu tue ensem & sama or lebey tinggi dr haku tauu!!! Kalo x ilang la vogue de vass mak!!!

These are some of my favourite goes :-

how i wish sumone would propose by hiding the ring in a fortune cookie!

"You don't alter a Vera Wang, you alter YOURSELF to fit in a Vera Wang"


» NAJA « said...

kakakakaka damn itu XS!
dont u feel that u will 'overshadow' the pengantin cos the pengantin only can fitted with the XXL size! hahaha!
Matilaaa diet quaker oat setiap hari..!

Sal Abdul Rahman said...

huwaa.. at least the pengantin already got the pengantin status, but wat abt the tukang kapit? pity her la will ya?

aku pon kene diet balik arr.. kuat makan sket 3-4 ari nie.. nak nak bler msk senirik makin laju aku makan..


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