Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Beauty lies upon the eyes of the beholder"

or how big ya boobs are. hehehe

I now tuned to RedFM for my morning serenade..I used to go for Era, but after Kieran moved to Hot and also after they replaced Adi & Nana with Pak Nil & Din Beramboi.. i thought I should start listening to other stations already..

Plus I find myself singing along enjoying easy listening type of musics nowadays..whether I shud accept the fact that I am gettin' older, or I just love the "less talking, more music with no ads" radio channel..be it the latest chart topping hitz or old skool lullaby..

This morning they played "Unpretty" by TLC. It's been a while since I've last heard this song being played on radio. The following lines are very motivating and meaningful I could say..(which I thought I shud share it wif u guys/gals..)

You can buy your hair if it won't grow
You can fix your nose if it says so
You can buy all the make-up that a man can make
But if you can’t look inside you
Find out who am I too
Be in the position to make me feel
So damn unpretty

Never insecure until I met you
Now I'm bein' stupid
I used to be so cute to me
Just a little bit skinny
Why do I look to all these things
To keep you happy
Maybe get rid of you
And then I'll get back to me

I think confidence makes a person beautiful and u should not care wat ppl think as long as ur confident, ur beautiful.. you dont need others to tell you that ur gorgeous & pretty. It comes from yourself naturally.. if you dont think ur pretty yourself, it dont matter who say it, you still wont feel pretty.

Don't suffer urself to keep others happy or to get compliments.. u don't need that! If a guy likes you coz he said ur beautiful, then leave him! Bcoz he'll dump u when ur fading..a guy shud loves u for who u are! Ini tak..bler alignment dh lari skett mula arr die carik reason nk angkat kaki..if there's one person I shud be thankful that God has made me bumped into-it's Hisyam of course! Die knal aku dr aku melengkung sampai dh kembang sampai dh kuncup balik..but he's always there for me.. now THAT's a guy! lil' bit flaws here and there is very normal for human beings right? dier pon manusia..human makes mistakes sumtimes..in the end it's God that shud be judging all these not us!

"To err is human, to forgive divine, to cheat is man (hahah yg ni aku tambah)"

It's how u carry yourself and be confidence in whutever ur wearing! Hv u ever seen one hideous shirt that u thought "hey, I will not wear this even if it's free" but demmit it looks so good when sumone elses wears it? Most of the time it's the personality that attracts people..not ur shirt dear..

Well if your heart and soul is beautiful then it doesn't matter about your outer look. Everyone is pretty in their own special way.. like Salt n Pepa's hitz song - "I Am The Body Beautiful" !

Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes
You're beautiful, too, just realize this
Can't you see the beauty in me?
Open up your heart and set your mind free
Everybody's beautiful in their own way
Express yourself every day
And when you got joy on the inside it shows on the out
Be confident and you're beautiful without a doubt
You're absolutely gorgeous, don't ya know?
So you got the body beautiful glow

Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful
Everybody's beautiful in their own special way
Carry yourself like a queen and you will attract a king
Beauty comes from within
Whatever the mind can conceive and believe
You will achieve
Do you believe that you are body beautiful?
Yes! Yes! Oooo, yes!

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