Thursday, October 9, 2008

My niece's birthday - Fatin Syamimi 3 yrs old

Last Saturday, which is October 4, 2008.. my niece turned 3.. so my sis decided to celebrate it with my family, since everyone's around for Hari Raya.. just a small makan2 feast which basically to makes the gerombolan askar2 punjab (that's wat my mom used to called my nieces+nephews) happy..

It turns out to be okay..everyone's singing and we took photos.. but there's sumthin' that caught our attention more than the party itself.. hahah.. here it goes:-

Hahah..yups..that's Farah Najihah.. We noticed these pixss while browsing through all the photos taken and we laughed so hard we cried! ahahhahahhaa.. this is just so damn funny...

I bet she must have been bored and kept thinkin' why in the world I am not the one cuttin' and smashin' those cake for God sake???!!!!! Dah la mama made me wore this stupid mask and it blocked my eye sight (nampak x nampak jek cake princess tue..Pah plak x kasik kaco kakak nak potong cake..sighhhh...)

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