Thursday, November 6, 2008

UPDATE: Today is My Birthday !!!~

these cute cuppies are made by my luvly officemate, Kiss! Yummy!! Tqvm dear!!
walao ponn terpaksa wat keje blampukn lilin sebatang sbb umh die blackout malam tue!!
but hasilnya still cantikss mcm tuan dier!!!~
so sesaper yg nak try order leh gtau aku k.. mmg sedap!

makan2 kt opis sblh..far right: Ms. Chong

we ordered Yellowcab pizza..mmg sedap!!!
nama pizza nie Manhattan Meatlovers

me, kiss, angie (back) & ina

Happy Birthday to ME ..
Happy Birthday to ME ..
Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE...
Happy Birthday to ME ..!

Weeeeee~ Today is my birthday! I am 26th this year..
A year older a year wiser..

May this birthday be the beginning of the best years of my life!
May this birthday be blessed with everything that makes me HAPPY!
May this year bring with it all the success and fulfillment my heart desires!
May each and every passing year bring me wisdom, peace and cheer!

Age is not a destination. It's a journey!

1 comment:

N₪A₪M₪L said...

Journey to the west...citer cina muka hero cam monyet tu zaman form 4..kekeke ingat tak?

Selamat hari jadi la kat ko! Semoga semua berjalan lancar dan hape2 selalu..Apa azam selain slimkan badan?


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